Facts about Availing Housing Loan in the Philippines thru Developers

Everybody are dreaming to have their own houses, because most of the Filipinos are still renting, some wants to have an investment but most people doesn’t know how to start with it. So, here is the basic and most important things that u must know in buying properties here in the Philippines.

Most of the people here cannot afford to pay the house in cash, in this case, what are the options?
It is thru HOUSING LOAN.


The developers have different house models to offer:

  • Single-Detached
  • Single-Attached
  • Duplex
  • Townhouse
  • RowHouse
  • Single Storey/Two-storey/Three Storey

It differs from its sizes. The LOT AREA is the size of the lot/land while the FLOOR AREA is the total size of the house including the second floor up to third floor if there is.
Of course, the bigger the lot area and the floor area, the higher is the price.


  • Where do u want to buy or invest? Which location?
  • Near your work place?
  • Near your relative?
  • Accessibility to different transportation?
  • More access routes?
  • Accessibility to all basic establishments (hospitals, schools, markets, malls, banks, etc.)?
  • Well-secured place?
  • With various amenities?


  • Think of how much you can save in a month.
  • Choose the right financing scheme that fits your budget.
  • Look for the affordability and possible savings that u may get from it.
  • Know the discount that you may get from the developer.

Please take note, the bigger house and lot area the more expensive it is. Do not force yourself to buy a huge house if in the end you cannot afford it. Try to look for an easy financing scheme that is available in the market. The location also make a difference in the pricing.

Crown Asia Philippines
Crown Asia Philippines

Crown Asia not only offers the “trophy” home every family deserves, but also the primmest location where every community has access to different needs within arm’s reach. Up to this date, this Vista Land Company subsidiary has proven that Filipino families deserve a quality home where they can raise good values among their homes and community. Founded in 1995, Crown Asia still thrives to build beautiful homes that are meant to last for generations where families share cherished memories and enjoy limitless celebrations. It has earned its title to be one of the top home-developers in the Philippines catering to middle and upper-income earning families. It is also praised for their themed-communities inspired from stunning places around the world.