5 Creamy Ideas For White Color Living Room

What better way to decorate your living room than with lovely shades of white? Vary a white colour scheme with various shades of off-white, cream and pale grey for a beautiful backdrop that lends itself to many different styles.

For a beautifully romantic look, decorate walls with an off-white wallpaper in a classic design such as a trailing-leaf pattern, then add linen curtains at the windows to allow soft light to filter in to the room.

1. Modern White Living Room

Make a statement with a cool, clinical, pure white colour scheme. Here, the furniture is the hero, with a sleek, streamlined sofa as the focalpoint, teamed with a modern hi-gloss coffee table and sculptural statement chair. Keep background decoration to a minimum with plain white walls, painted floorboards and unadorned windows.

2. Country-Style White Living Room

White walls create a blank canvas for this cosy, country-style living room. The fireplace is the focalpoint of the room with quirky cubbyhole shelving above the mantle providing an area for display. Position sofa, armchair and coffee table centrally around the fireplace so that it stays at the heart of the scheme.

3. White Living Room with Natural Materials

Add warmth to your white living room by bringing in natural materials. This calming space combines sun bleached wooden walls, worn-in linens and a beautiful wood burner with plenty of logs.

4. Coastal White Living Room

white can work throughout the seasons, too. The key to a perfectly snug winter-white look is to warm up white with layers of neutral shades such as cream, beige and brown. Think cosy fringed throws on the sofa, plump cushions and a gorgeous wool rug that you will want sink in to. Will you be working with white in your home?

5. Living Room in Subtle Neutrals

For a contemporary country-style look, vary your colour scheme with a selection of off-white, cream and pale grey shades. Add a variety of accessories, from cushions and vases to wall art and lighting, in similar shades, with plenty of textured edges to break up and soften the look.

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